Fuel System Cleaner – Best Performance

Cleans and lubricates carburettors and cylinders, Removes fuel- wasting carbon and gum deposits, improves engine efficiency and petrol consumption. Inefficient engines build up carbon, gum and varnish deposits while you drive. Simply add Redex Petrol Treatment. Advanced formula Redex, also lubricates upper cylinders, thus reducing cold start wear.

1. REGULAR USE: Unscrew cap and pour Redex Petrol Treatment into cap. Pour capful into petrol tank. 2 capful treats 30litres of petrol.

2. THE ENGINE TREATMENT: Warm up engine, remove spark plugs and pour 2 capful of Redex into each plug hole. Allow 30 minutes for Redex Petrol Treatment to penetrate. Cover plug holes with absorbent cloth and turn engine starter to remove surplus Redex Petrol Treatment and dissolved carbon, gum and varnish. Replace plugs.

3. THE CARBURETTOR TREATMENT: Remove air filter and start engine, adjusting idling speed to a fast tick over. Pour 3 capfuls of Redex Petrol Treatment slowly through the carburettor air intake to clean and lubricate the fuel system. Deposits disappear in a cloud of smoke! Re-adjust idling speed then rev up engine to expel surplus Redex Petrol Treatment. Repeat processes 2 and 3 every six months to keep your car in peak condition.

NOTE: Always replace cap firmly. Keep out of reach of children.

Sizes: 500ml, and 50ml.


Image Product Name product code Product size
HBA043 500ml
HBA042 50ml